Venice 36"H x 18"W Kit by WFX Utility for Home Perfect Gift

Recently purchased 2 Slatwall Panel. One for my friend and one for me. My friend says these Azar Displays Four-Sided Interlocking 68" H x 18" W Pegboards are soo awesome. These Slatwall Panel is so versatile. Easy to clean and reversible is a major advantage. Bought in black. We love our Slatwall Panel. I can see why he has many criticisms. Love it!!


New Year myWall 85"H x 23.6"W Pegboard for Home

These Slatwall Panel is simply the most perfect gift you can get for one and only in your life. Perfect gift for any lady. My husband bought this for me as a New Year present. I love color and quality. It is well and receives many compliments.